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Airwire Silver Plan

The Airwire Silver Plan is an Good choice for individuals and small households looking for a reliable and budget-friendly internet solution. With this plan, you get a solid broadband internet connection that offers decent speeds for regular web browsing, email, and light streaming.

AirWire Broadband offers lightning-fast and reliable internet services

Since 2003

Airwire Silver

Airwire Broadband

What our client say about us?

Really a good team with dedicated customer care service for 24/7. The installations and the following up on the issues reported is quick and appreciable. Specially the technician are more technical and they gives solution in a quick span of time.
Excellent service. Good uptime and speed. Customer centric customer care suport team. Economical rate plans. I am really happy and delighted
Kamalesh Roy
The best internet service provider in Bangalore. Technicians are immediately available and customer care is very understanding and caring. Any problems are sorted out quickly and the overall service is very good. They really care for their customers very well. No doubt I would not have any hesitation in giving them 5 stars

Experienced customer support contact now 080-46990699

  • broadband internet connection

Best internet service provider since 2003. We provide high-speed internet service with unlimited upload and unlimited downloads with 24/7 customer supportĀ 

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